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Earth-Dog - Terms of Enlistment:

BEFORE registering, you MUST read the following:

In order to post here you must be over 13 years old. Although this is an open board publically viewable for everyone, this is not a kids site. All children who enter here will be branded for life under the sign of the black mark. So beware.

The responsibility for what is posted in these forums rests on those who post it, not the editors, moderators or administrators (referred to as "The Ancient Ones" hereafter), unless they posted it (and even then they can disown responsibility for it!).

This site uses cookies. These cookies are for your pleasure only. They do not contain any of the information you enter here. The e-mail address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you be dumb enough to forget your current one).

Whatever you post is your responsibility, but if you repeatedly defy The Ancient Ones you may be banned. If your actions are malicious enough your ISP may be informed (and those are not empty threats, as some of you have learned). The IP address of all posts is recorded, so don't think you're getting away with anything. While The Ancient Ones will not disclose your information to anybody without your consent, they cannot be held responsible if this site gets hacked by nerds with too much time on their hands.

By clicking Register below you sign this in virtual blood and agree to be eternally bound by these conditions in service to The Ancient Ones. The only way to exit is going piece by piece.

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